Composting Programs

Composting in Action

The Gardner Ale House captures 70 tons of food waste annually and the material is repurposed for animal feed. The Great American Grill (Devens) diverts 21 tons of organic material from their trash, which is processed into landscaping material. Click on the above links to learn about how they implemented their compost programs and how the diversion programs have benefited the restaurants.

The Gardner Ale House recently reduced its solid waste by 72% with the implementation of compost and recycle pHilton Garden Inn Chef with Compostrograms.

“At first the staff was challenged by what goes where questions, but the separating soon became habit and they now don’t know how to do it any differently and would not be happy if the program stopped!” – Rick Walton, Gardner Ale House Owner

Employees at the Hilton Garden Inn have also embraced the composting program and currently divert over 800 pounds of food waste each week and reduced their solid waste service needs by 50%!   Read more about their program in the news article published in the Ayer Public Spirit.