The Great Exchange

The Great Exchange preserves the value of resources by facilitating reuse opportunities for excess materials.  Schools, non-profits, municipal entities, and businesses benefit from donated office supplies and furniture, packing materials, facility and safety supplies, arts and crafts materials, and more.

View pictures of our facility and see available materials here.  Most resources are shared for free; a contribution is requested for larger items.

Contact us (details in right column) to learn how to donate or receive items through The Great Exchange.  Distribution events are held throughout the year to provide firms and organizations with access to materials that can be used in their operations or programming activities. Members “shop” for free and have priority access to materials, others can attend events for a small registration fee.

Since 2009 the program has diverted over 400 tons from the landfill and saved almost 250 firms and institutions more than $550,000 in avoided purchase and disposal costs.



  • Firms redirect excess inventory and assets to free up valuable floor space;
  • Materials, supplies obtained with significant savings; and
  • Participants decrease waste management costs.


  • Resources are productive and valued for a longer period
  • The need to extract and consume virgin materials is decreased; and
  • The demand on limited landfill space is reduced.


  • Firms positioned to engage with others and explore business prospects; and
  • Participants support community members, including schools and service providers.