Energy Efficiency

Power Down = Profits Up!

The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center offers a suite of services designed to help businesses decrease their energy consumption and save money.

Employee Outreach and Education

Engaging employees in conservation practices is the easiest and quickest way to start picture of document Power Down Guidedecreasing monthly utility expenses. We’ve developed a Power Down Guide full of operations and maintenance tips for employees and building managers that can help reduce your energy use and save you money.  We can also help you quantify the potential savings to be achieved from powering down using a brief survey on current practices and some quick measurements with a Kill-a-Watt meter. Start developing a conservation campaign now so your company can start saving tomorrow.

Phantom load cost saving calculation tool

With some quick assessments using a survey form and a Kill-a-Watt analysis of phantom energy draw, you can compile a spreadsheet that highlights savings that can be attained simply by promoting power down practices. View a sample spreadsheet.

Building energy consumption benchmarking

With a year’s worth of electric and natural gas invoices we can establish a building profile in Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager and create reports that highlight potential savings that can be achieved with energy conservation and efficiency investments, based on usage patterns of other buildings similar in size, age, location, and activity. It will also establish a baseline that can be used to track energy savings achieved as improvements are made.

Power Down Case Study

Learn how Eglomise Designs engaged staff in energy conservation strategies that were expected to save over $21,000 per year.

Additional resources to assist you in powering down:

  • Energy Savings Checklist for Powering Down
  • Download this Energy Conservation Checklist for your own facility and share with your employees.  This link also contains a number of Energy Conservation resources for your use.
  • View the full Campaigning for Energy Conservation presentation and resources available to help your organization improve your bottom line, reduce operating costs, improve workplace comfort, and protect the environment.
  • Building Operations and Maintenance Best Practices: Energy Consultant, Alan Mulak, facilitated a comprehensive two-hour workshop for building managers and facility engineers.  The presentation included a review of money-saving practices, including reactive and preventative maintenance, building commissioning and tune-up, strategies for boilers, steam traps, chillers, air compressors, lighting and more.  View selected slides from the presentation. A list of recommended resources is available.
  • Visit our Library to view information and resources from our past workshops on Energy Efficiency.
  • From lighting and weather-sealing, to phantom loads and water conservation measures, this residential tips guide will give you some quick and easy ideas for bringing energy savings to your household.