The Eco-Efficiency Center provides a variety of programs and services to provide local industrial and commercial entities with knowledge, tools, and resources that can be used to improve the efficiencies of their operations, minimize environmental impacts, and reduce costs.

  • Educational forums are offered monthly and cover a broad range of topics related to new technologies and best practices. Workshops and roundtables are open to all that are interested! Visit the Events page to learn more about upcoming events and past presentations.
  • Energy related services include outreach activities to engage employees in conservation practices, tools to calculate consumption reductions from power-down practices, energy audits and guidance regarding savings opportunities from lighting upgrades, heating and cooling improvements, equipment operation, and more. This type of assistance is provided as a membership benefit.
  • Partnerships, collaborations, and new business opportunities routinely evolve from the interactions that take place between local business representatives gathered at events hosted by the Center.
  • Tours are periodically scheduled to provide unique opportunities to go “behind the scenes” of service operations that businesses routinely interact with, such as a recycling facility and solar farm. Visits to local manufacturing facilities to view best practices and new technologies are also extremely valuable!
  •  Walk Through Reviews are a comprehensive service that members can take advantage of to gain insight to and guidance on opportunities to improve the sustainability of their operations. This offering helps businesses implement new processes and programs that will deliver ecologic and economic efficiencies.
  • Waste Reduction services include the identification of opportunities to eliminate waste, development and strengthening of recycle programs, strategies to reuse waste streams internally and externally, and employee engagement initiatives. These cost-saving and resource-saving services are available as a benefit to members.