When possible the Center will make presentations available from the Library as a helpful resource and to maximize the value of their content. Below is a select representation of past educational forums and training sessions.

Energize Your Compliance Training ~ October 2020

Richard Griffiths shared his ideas on how to energize your compliance training and how to increase engagement in all types of  training conducted in the classroom or virtually. He has been designing and delivering compliance classes for 25+ years for audiences that include academia, pharmaceuticals, and chemical manufacturing and currently leads Griffiths Training and Consulting. View the presentation here

Grants for Businesses ~ March 2020
Joy Onasch from TURI and Kathy Manson from the MA Department of Industrial Accidents presented on grants available to MA businesses to decrease toxic chemical use and fund preventative safety training. View the presentation for the TURI Grant here  View the presentations for the MA training grants: Presentation 1 ; Presentation  2

Green Cleaning Solutions ~ February 2020                                                                                    
Jason Marshall, Laboratory Director at the Toxics Use Reduction Institute (TURI) at UMass Lowell, discussed how TURI labs is helping companies find safer cleaner alternatives for industrial and janitorial uses. View the presentation here.

Doing Safety Differently ~ November 2019

Brady Keene from WorkWise NH and Keene State College presented on Doing Safety Differently.  He discussed the new view of safety, the foundation of practicing safety differently and pre-planning.  View the presentation, handout 1 and handout 2.

NFPA Hot Work Requirements for Massachusetts ~ October 2018

Tim Kelly, Deputy Chief Devens Fire Department, provided an overview on the new mandatory NFPA hot work requirements and certification for MA.  He discussed relevant standards, various types of hot work, common fuel sources, evaluation requirements and responsibilities.   View the presentation.

Industrial Hygiene Evaluation Methods ~ May 2018                                                                          Susan Reynolds from Colden Corporation presented on industrial hygiene sampling methods, when and how to sample, recording keeping and case studies.  View the presentation.

Interactive Lockout/Tagout ~ April 2018                                                                                 Shannon Lozeau led an interactive discussion on lockout tagout regulations,  best practices and lessons learned.  View the presentation.

Energy Assessments & Savings Opportunities  ~ March 2018
Dr. Beka Kosanvoic from UMASS Amherst’s Center for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy discussed practical energy cost saving strategies and reviewed the services provided by the Industrial Assessment Center.  View the presentation.

Electrical Safety  ~ February 2018
Dean Vanasse from Boston Safety Training Inc. presented on electrical safety and compliance with today’s changing regulations.  View the presentation, view first video, view second video.

MEMA – Preparing for an Emergency  ~ October 2017
Michael Russas, Response and Field Services Section Chief at MEMA presented on the inner workings of MEMA, how to prepare for an emergency, and where to go for more information.  View the presentation.

DEP Regulation and Violation Review  ~ September 2017
Roundtable participants heard DEP’s Section Chief, Compliance and Enforcement Bureau Air and Waste present on common violations, their applicable regulations, and where to go for compliance assistance. View the presentation.

Promoting Personal Protective Equipment ~ December 2016
Meeting participants shared information regarding what protective gear is required and how it is made available to employees in their facility.  Kathy Puff, Environmental and Safety Manager at Hollingsworth and Vose, shared a presentation on her firm’s PPE vending machine program.

Engaging Senior Management in Safety ~ November 2016
Roundtable participants discussed how senior managers promote safety in their facilities, how to make them aware of safety, and how to engage them in safety.  View the presentation.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle ~ June 2016
Roundtable attendees discussed and shared strategies to make better use of resources, especially hard to recycle materials. Tips were shared to strengthen facility recycling programs and decrease the amount of waste generated.

CMBEN – Safety Updates and Resources ~ May 2016
The Central Mass. Business Environmental Network’s (CMBEN) panel of experts reviewed updates on Lockout/Tagout, Mass DPS Hoisting Rules, Silica Standard, Global Harmonized System, changes to accident reporting, top 10 citations, and the OSHA Consultation Program. Related presentations are below.

CMBEN – Sustainable Energy Opportunities, Strategies ~ March 2016
The Central Mass. Business Environmental Network (CMBEN) meet featured a panel of speakers who highlighted strategies to transition to more efficient, clean, renewable energy technologies and reviewed assistance and financing programs available to firms. View presentations:

Active Shooter Safety Training ~ February 2016
A 24-year veteran of the Massachusetts State Police reviewed the “Run, Hide, Fight” model recommended by the Department of Homeland Security. Topics include emergency incident preparation, emotional readiness, tactical egress, cover and concealment, improvised weapons, and emergency response. View the Active Shooter Training Handout shared with participants.

LED Lighting ~ October 2015
Nate Dennis, Energy Specification and Solutions Expect from Philips presented to EHS Roundtable attendees on LED Technology, implementation strategies and how energy and money savings lights can work in your commercial or industrial setting.  He also addressed steps to a good implementation of energy savings, ROI goals, funding avenues, and more. View the full presentation.

Environmental Regulations Review ~ April 2015
Roundtable attendees received an update from the Regional Section Chief, Compliance and Enforcement, Bureau of Air and Waste, on DEP regulations for water discharges, air emissions, solid and hazardous wastes, toxic chemicals, etc., and address how firms should operate to minimize environment and human health impacts. View the full presentation.

Fire Safety Code Review ~ March 2015
Participants heard from David Beaudin from the MA Department of Fire Services Fires Safety Division about the recent revisions to the Massachusetts Comprehensive Fire Safety Code (527 CMR 1.00). New requirements pertain to fire alarms, suppression systems, and hazardous waste management. View the full presentation.

OSHA Update ~ February 2015
Participants heard from Dale Varney, Compliance Assistance Specialist, who reviewed the department’s activities, new OSHA reporting requirements, how OSHA selects worksites to inspect, local emphasis programs (LEP’s) and national emphasis programs (NEP’s). Dale provided an overview of the Update to Recordkeeping Rule.

Red Cross and MassRides ~ January 2014
We heard from the Red Cross of MA and how they respond to the daily needs of more than 41,000 blood donations. Representatives from MassRides also provided an overview of their free services available to help workers decrease commuting expenses. Presentation links:

How to Host a Blood Drive   | MassRides Program & Benefits
MassRides Free Share Program

Composting for Commercial Food Service Providers ~ April 2012
The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center hosted a workshop on composting and its cost/benefits, how you can start your own composting program, and some of the tools and resources available to assist you in your efforts. View the presentation shared with food services providers.

Regulations and Resources ~ March 2011
Rick Reibstein of the Mass. Office of Technical Assistance (OTA) presented an Environmental Reporting Regulatory Matrix and led a discussion of new regulatory developments, such as the designation of Substances of Very High Concern under REACH. Reibstein also highlighted money-saving resources such as the Toxics Use Reduction Institute’s demonstration site grant and more. Check out the resources from this presentation.

Toxic Chemicals and You ~ April 2010
Henry Malone, EH&S Manager for Evergreen Solar gave a presentation on Human Risk to Toxic Exposure. Attendees shared, learned, and discussed strategies towards dealing with toxic materials in the workplace. Click here to view select slides from Henry Malone’s presentation.

Local Emergency Planning ~ November 2009
Devens’ Chief Garrity walked attendees through the appropriate steps to take to help ensure that people and product within your facility are protected in the event of a disaster within your building or in the community.  Link to select slides from the presentation.

Building O&M Best Practices ~ November 2009
Energy Consultant Alan Mulak facilitated a comprehensive two-hour workshop for building managers and facility engineers. The presentation included a review of money-saving practices, including reactive and preventative maintenance, building commissioning and tune-up, strategies for boilers, steam traps, chillers, air compressors, lighting and more. Click here for to view select slides from the presentation. Attendees also received a list of recommended valuable resources available on the internet. Click here to view the list.

Fall Protection Strategies ~ February 2009
Attendees shared, learned, and discussed general and construction industry practices and related OSHA regulations. Experts in these fields facilitated the conversation and provided attendees with a great opportunity to learn how to maximize the safety and protection of their employees.  Click here to view select slides from Ed Bajakian’s presentation on Fall Protection.

Stormwater Management ~ January 2009
This interactive discussion centered around the latest in stormwater management practices. Participants will discussed and shared best practices to minimize the adverse impacts of stormwater. Devens Enterprise Commission staff gave an overview of Devens Annual Stormwater Reporting Requirements and a representative from the MassDEP provided details on the State’s new storm water management standards. The Devens Public Works Director was also on hand to talk about their experiences with ICE BAN, a more environmentally friendly deicing agent being used on Devens roadways. A number of great resources were provided for attendees, including the following:

Devens Stormwater Reporting Form   |   Devens Sample Operations and Maintenance Plan   Link to MassDEP Stormwater Management Standards

Crane Safety ~ November 2008
Scott Harding from Mass Crane & Hoist reviewed related OSHA regulations and spoke on crane safety as it relates to day to day operations. Scott is involved in the training of Massachusetts crane inspectors. Chris Francis, a Senior EHS Specialist with Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) also spoke about the standard operating procedures that BMS follows as the company develops their 88-acre site in Devens and prepares for operations. Chris provided attendees with a sample pre-operation safety checklist for lifts, hoists, slings and cranes. Here are some of the resources provided at the meeting:

Pre-Operational Safety Checklist   |   Crane Inspection Services   |   Crane Safety Institute

Fire Inspection Process ~ October 2008
Public Fire and Life Safety Educator and Fire Fighter, Timothy Kelly gave a brief overview of the Devens Fire Department and some of the services they offer and how the department’s business inspection program works. This inspection program provides a very important service to the businesses and community at large. This forum was valuable for businesses in Devens as well as those in other communities to learn what steps they could take to make their facility safer for employees and visitors. To contact Timothy Kelly, Devens Fire Dept., 182 Jackson Road, Devens, 978-772-4600 or

The following forms and information may be useful to your organization to help with ensuring your facilities are compliant with Fire Safety requirements:

About Fire Inspections   |   EMS Contact Sheet   |   Fire Inspection Report Form

Water Use and Wastewater Discharge Roundtable ~ April 2008
Participants reviewed regulatory requirements for wastewater treatment and discharge systems, drinking water, water withdrawal, wetlands protection, spill prevention, control and countermeasures and the basics of water conservation.  Here are some of the resources that were made available to participants:

OTA Review of Water Rules   |   Water Conservation Study