Earth Day

Each year on Earth Day, the Center rallies the local institutions to come together and take part in community betterment projects. These projects not only enhance the local environment, but they bring businesses and organizations together and provide social networking opportunities and help them learn more about their surroundings and understand that they are part of a natural as well as business community. It’s an opportunity to get out and enjoy our surroundings!

Earth Day 2017

  • The Center organized a volunteer event at the Community Harvest Project where employees of local businesses planted peach and apple trees, and pruned Christmas trees.
  • Several local businesses joined the Devens Eco-Efficiency Center at the US Fish and Wildlife Visitor Contact Station at Devens for a tour of the new pollinator gardens, learned about the diverse wildlife, walked the hiking trails, and saw the new boat launch.

Earth Day 2016 – Local Hike

Representatives of seven local businesses took advantage of the tour of the new U.S. Fish & Wildlife Visitors Contact Station in Devens that was organized by the Devens Eco-Efficiency Center. Attendees were treated with a “show and tell” lesson about the threatened Blanding’s turtle, learned about the multiple eco-friendly features of the facility, viewed the education pavilion and outdoor amphitheater, and hiked to the Nashua River where there will soon be a boat launch. To learn more about the facility and view pictures, click here




  • Devens based employees hit the Goddard Trail for a fun hike around Mirror Lake. Rona Balco, President of the Friends of the Oxbow, shared her knowledge of the trail’s namesake, identifying various species of trees and plants, and talking about wildlife observed in the area.
  • Local employees, led by Friends of the Oxbow volunteer, John Ugovich made great progress clearing a new hiking trail that begins on Lake George Street by the Jackson Gate. The trail will lead to the Nashua River and Fish and Wildlife’s new Visitors Station on Hospital Road.

thank you ed 2014

To learn more about these and other walking trails in Devens, click on the Devens Trail Map.


Earth Day 2013An impressive 70 volunteers came out to celebrate and help with community betterment projects. Activities included:

  • Picking up 18 bags of trash
  • Planting four gardens
  • Clearing three hiking trails
  • Removing several bags of invasive plants, and
  • Painting 10 turtle crossing signs!


The Center organized multiple activities that would provide community members with an Earth Day 2011 finalopportunity to take a break from the daily grind and stresses to appreciate the people and the outdoor environment around them.

  • Students from the Green Team at Shriver Job Corps tackled the significant amount of trash that has accumulated on a nature trail on Barnum Road.
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb employees cleared out brush and overgrowth on U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s Goddard Trail, near the Jackson Road entrance to Devens.
  • The other volunteers partnered with the Devens DPW staff and considerably enhanced the high-visibility areas around Verbeck Gate, Sweetheart Rock, and Sherman Circle.


75 volunteers from 14 local business and organizations undertook the following activities to improve the natural environment around Devens:

  • Repaired 100′ of fencing that protects turtles from the threat of traffic on Route 2.
  • Planted more than 350 flowers at the Jackson Road and Verbeck gate entrances and at Sweet Heart Memorial.
  • Pulled more than large bags full of invasive plants that threaten the health of native species in the Oxbow.
  • Cleared access to new Goddard Trail and addressed water damage in the area.