About The Center

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The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center provides educational forums, technical assistance, networking venues, and partnership opportunities that help establishments make more efficient use of human, material, natural, and economic resources.


To help area businesses and organizations reduce their environmental impacts and operating costs by providing education, enabling collaboration, and offering technical assistance.


The Center has been providing no- and low- cost services that enable commercial, industrial, and service establishments to conserve resources, save money, and contribute to the betterment of the community since 2008. The outcomes of this non-profit’s programs have earned local, state, regional, and federal awards. The Center has also helped Devens to be recognized internationally for its approach to sustainable development and eco-industrial park practices.

The Center’s operations primarily benefit small and medium size manufacturing facilities with 25-500 employees that typically do not have the internal resources to identify and pursue opportunities to gain ecological efficiencies. The educational forums, networking activities, and partnership opportunities presented enable manufacturers, service providers and others to:

  • implement cost-savings strategies
  • be more viable contributors to the economic growth of the region
  • gain competitive advantages in the marketplace as responsible stewards.

Future Vision

The Eco-Efficiency Center will continue to promote and enable eco-industrial park activities where, as defined by Wikipedia, “businesses cooperate with each other and with the local community in an attempt to reduce waste and pollution, efficiently share resources, and help achieve sustainable development, with the intention of increasing economic gains and improving environmental quality.”

The Eco-Efficiency Center will strive to be recognized throughout the region as the place where leaders of businesses, not-for-profits and municipal entities come to learn, collaborate, share resources, and get assistance with the implementation of new practices and technologies.

By providing programs and services that enable facilities to operate more sustainably, the Eco-Efficiency Center will enhance the competitive advantage of local industries that will be better positioned to promote themselves as responsible stewards and thereby contribute to the economic growth of the region’s manufacturing and industrial sectors.