Helping Firms Protect Resources

The Devens Eco-Efficiency Center provides educational forums, technical assistance, networking venues, and partnership opportunities to help establishments protect natural, material, human, and capital resources.  The non-profit has been helping industrial, commercial, and service entities improve the sustainability of their operations since 2008.  Its programs have earned multiple local, state, regional, and federal awards for their ability to deliver economic and ecological gains.

The Eco-Efficiency Center is recognized throughout the region as the place where leaders of businesses, not-for-profits, and municipal entities come to learn, collaborate, share resources, get assistance with the implementation of new practices and technologies.

Our goals are to provide programs and services that enable facilities to operate more sustainable, enhance the competitive advantage of local industries that will be more able to promote themselves as responsible stewards, contribute to the economic growth of the region’s manufacturing and industrial sectors, and strengthen the ability of local service providers to deliver valued programs.

Our Services

Our educational forums keep business leaders informed of operational practices and technologies that will improve efficiencies and reduce costs. A Walk Through Review can help the management team understand and prioritize opportunities. Technical assistance is provided to evaluate and implement sustainability measures, such as waste reduction and energy efficiency. Additionally, tours are arranged to provide opportunities to learn about new technologies and manufacturing processes.

The Great Exchange preserves the value of materials and delivers savings from avoided disposal and purchasing costs by facilitating the reuse of unneeded items and materials. Community Initiatives provide unique opportunities for establishments to collaborate on activities that benefit local communities and groups in need.

Join Us

Establishments interested in integrating more sustainable practices into their daily operations are welcome and encouraged to learn more about the Center’s services. Become a member to maximize the benefits or just check us out at an upcoming event.